so I’ve got my first job, one that probably won’t exist longer than any of my relationships.

A tiny sushi store opened by an old couple. Clean, fresh. A row of lantern hung just above.  Boss, a man that seemed as if he stepped right out of a cartoon. beer belly, big lips, cropped hair and the simplest T-shirt and shorts.  老闆娘,the kind that you wished you’ll never bump into on your first day of work. Straight faced.

I rushed in, exactly twenty minutes late, whoops. The other girl already there.

rice balls in plastic boxes, washing dishes, remember now; no splashing no bubbles and please wipe in dry. Then the many different kinds of plates for those different shusies. I don’t even recall so many names for the same exact dish;生魚片。But the highlight of my whole day was the shrimp wrap. The boss summoned me over and started making two wraps, meanwhile telling me when to put the cucumbers and when to squeeze the Mayo. Okay, and the Mayo must be the hardest part. To get the Mayo perfectly squiggly. Then I got to make one for myself, one for a customer and one for the girl.

Feeling pretty lumpy actually, as the three stood in front moving swiftly with grace as if these movements and orders where already imprinted in their brains. They are a team, from the outside people might have thought they where families, I would’ve. I remember six rice balls each plate, brushing sauces on sushi must be even, don’t give too much veggies, last but not least which plastics for which orders. But my nervous brain could only repeat to myself over and over how slow I must appear to them as they stood at the side, three pairs of eyes staring.

I tried the most optimistic respond to any suggestions they gave me; Given my personality I hated nagging. It was okay, I hoped for the day (which I always did) that this becomes my routine and I could proudly tell my child that my very first job was at a sushi shop and my boyfriend always always rides me there. ( though I think the bosses hates boys, therefore they hate seeing my boyfriend.


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